Have you ever noticed that you get pain with overhead movements like dumbbell shoulder press or even something as simple as putting the clothes on the line? You may have shoulder impingement syndrome.

Shoulder pain is the third most common condition that presents to a chiropractic clinic. Impingement syndrome is one of the most common shoulder issues that we treat (1). Impingement syndrome can occur secondary to trauma to the shoulder but more commonly it occurs due to chronically held postures, muscular imbalances and repetitive movement.

Shoulder pain – Impingement Syndrome


The shoulder joint is complex, when referring to shoulder impingement; people are most commonly referring impingement under the acromioclavicular joint or AC joint. The AC joint is made up of the proximal end of the acromion and the distal end of the clavicle (collar bone). Under the acromion there is the sub-acromial space, through this space runs three tendons of the rotator cuff, the long head of the biceps tendon and the subacromial bursa. When we perform overhead movements or have a slouched postured the size of this space decreases and the contents of the space can become compressed and irritated, leading the impingement symptoms (2).



The symptoms vary from person to person and with the degree of impingement.

Symptoms include
Pain on the anterior (front) or lateral (side) aspect of the shoulder Painful arc
Pain with overhead activities
Pain with repetitive movements
Pain with shoulder abduction painful arch
Popping or clicking in the shoulder
Night pain
Pain relieved by rest or postural change (2)(3)
Fortunately shoulder impingement can be treated successfully by conservative (non surgical) treatment. At In good Hands Chiropractic we pride ourselves on our wide variety of treatment options.

Soft tissue work – Trigger point Therapy, active release technique
Dry needling
Joint mobilization
Joint manipulation

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By Dr. Patrick Lind Chiropractor

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