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Rib Pain

Have you ever experienced a sudden onset of sharp, stabbing pain after a sudden movement such as a coughing or sneezing – well chances are you have sprained a rib joint.

The rib cage consists of 12 pairs of ribs that attach from the spine posteriorly and come all the way around to the front of your sternum. Each rib connects to the body of the vertebrae and to a bone on the side of the vertebrae called the transverse process, and sometimes to the discs. The joints are stabilised by ligaments and muscles. There is also a nerve between each rib, which extends from the spine to the sternum along the course of the rib. All of these structures can be damaged by a rib injury.

Rib pain can be brought on by an acute traumatic event such as a direct blow to the area, or any activities that involve a variety of movements such as twisting and lifting which may also aggravate the pain. Occasionally rib pain can refer into the chest, shoulder blade or upper limb, so it is not a surprise that people are often rushed to hospital thinking something serious has happened due to the nature of these conditions. Other factors such as asymmetrical muscle development, poor posture, and scoliosis can complicate the condition.

The most important step is to obtain a correct diagnosis of the rib pain. Due the location of the pain, it is extremely important to rule out any serious conditions; which may have similar pain referral patterns. Our team of highly qualified Chiropractors is available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the suitable help for your particular condition.

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