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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Have you ever noticed that you get pain with overhead movements like dumbbell shoulder press or even something as simple as putting the clothes on the line? You may have shoulder impingement syndrome. Shoulder pain is the third most common condition that presents to a chiropractic clinic. Impingement syndrome is one of the most common […]

Medial Elbow Pain

What is Golfers Elbow or Medial Epicondylopathy Medial elbow pain is commonly known as Golfers elbow or Medial Epicondylopathy, and is an injury to the muscles that flex the wrist and fingers. The site of injury is typically the medial epicondyle, a bony bump that is located on the inside of the elbow where these are muscles […]

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries that present to the doctors office and accounts for a large proportion of missed workdays and disability. The most common ankle sprain is known as a lateral ankle sprain or inversion sprain.

Groin Pain

Groin pain is a common problem in athletes of all ages and at all levels of competition, and is often found in sports that involve sprinting, changing directions, such as hockey, soccer and rugby. It may present suddenly or have a gradual onset over a period of weeks or months.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is the third most common complaint after lower back and neck pain to present to the Doctors office. Shoulder pain may originate in the joint itself, or from many of the surrounding muscles, ligaments or tendons and can result in considerable pain and disability.

Ice or Heat?

The use of either heat or ice is dependent on the type of injury and the amount of time you start treatment after injury has occurred. For example, the application of ice is commonly used in the first 24-48 hours after an injury occurs such as an ankle sprain, to reduce the swelling and minimise inflammation.

Wry Neck (Torticollis)

A wry neck or torticollis is characterised sudden by the sudden onset of severe neck pain accompanied by spasm of the neck muscles causing the neck to lean or rotate away from the painful side.

Hamstring Strain

One of the most common and painful injuries in sport is the hamstring strain. Hamstring strains occur frequently among activities that require a high degree of speed, power and agility such as soccer, running, basketball and dancing. A hamstring strain can range from mild to very severe involving a complete tear of the hamstring muscle.